giving life to research
I donated

Refer a Friend. Earn a $25 Gift Card When They Donate.

I donated

Refer a Friend. Earn a $25 Gift Card When They Donate.


Together we are Giving Life to Research

Donate blood to help advance scientific research and get compensated for your time.  Donate now.


The health and safety of our donors is our highest priority. IF YOU ARE ILL OR HAVE BEEN AROUND ANYONE WHO HAS BEEN ILL IN THE LAST 2 WEEKS, WE ASK THAT YOU WAIT TO DONATE. tHANK YOU FOR HELPING SLOw the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

Scientists depend on your generous donation

The use of blood and other specimens in scientific research is critically important for the advancement of medical breakthroughs and life-saving treatments. Scientists depend on these generous donations to perform their research; however, one of their main barriers today is the availability of samples.

Canventa collects blood and bone marrow from healthy donors and processes it into samples that are used to advance this research. Our goal is to reduce the amount of time it takes for researchers to get these samples, helping them achieve their breakthroughs faster.

By donating, you play a critical role in helping to make this medical research possible!

All donors must be in excellent health, age 18-55, weigh at least 120 pounds and be a United States citizen.

Earn up to $350 for your time when you donate your white blood cells. Schedule today and help give life to research.


Donation type Duration Compensation amount
Whole Blood 15-45 mins up to $200
White Cells (Leukapheresis) 3-4 hrs up to $350
Bone Marrow 20-40 mins up to $450
Become a donor

We are dedicated to advancing medical research by providing scientists the materials they need to advance science and ultimately cure disease.

We collect human blood and bone marrow from healthy donors, and process them into samples that are available to researchers worldwide.

Your donation makes an immediate impact to help fight disease and drive scientific discovery.

Schedule an appointment with us in Emeryville for an initial screening to see if you qualify.